Become relaxed and rejuvenated

Mission Statement

I believe in enhancing the wellness triangle of Mind, Body and Spirit. Increasing your awareness of all three, allowing your body to achieve homeostasis. My mission is to provide my clients with peace, relaxation, and well-being through the healing power of massage.

My highly-trained and experienced staff will tailor a massage therapy treatment to your individual needs.

I provide all possible therapies from gentle relaxation to aromatherapy to deep tissue massage to acupressure. All the while caring for you in the comfort of my beautiful, stylish office.

When you come to Power Solstice Massage you will be treated to relaxation in a professional and comfortable environment.

Whether you are seasoned athlete, expectant mother, blue collar  worker, or a couple on vacation, you will feel comforted and relaxed at Solstice Massage.

We would be honored to have you as part of the Solstice Massage family. Sign up today to become a member of the most relaxing family around.

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